Living in an NRAS property

NRAS dwellings are not social housing–they are affordable private rental homes and range from studio apartments to family homes.

Approved participants or their representative (tenancy manager) are required to manage all leasing and tenancy arrangements, including:

  • assessment and selection process
  • setting rent
  • property maintenance
  • length of a lease.

State and territory governments are responsible for establishing and managing tenancy regulations.

Tenants of NRAS properties have the same rights as all tenants under local residential tenancy law.

The department does not select tenants or maintain a waiting list for homes supported by NRAS.

Tenant eligibility

Existing tenants will cease to be eligible if their household income exceeds the applicable household income by 25 per cent or more in 2 consecutive eligibility years.

If you have any concerns with your tenancy as an NRAS tenant, speak to your approved participant or tenancy manager first.

If you cannot resolve an issue, contact your local agency responsible for administering residential tenancy laws.

Additional eligibility information for international students and visa holders

The NRAS Act and Regulations do not impose any residency or citizenship requirements for NRAS tenants. However, some state and territory governments may have additional eligibility requirements that may include rules around prospective tenant’s residency status. For example, in Queensland, tenants are required to undergo an asset test and meet residency eligibility criteria. The Queensland Government website provides further information on eligibility requirements for NRAS purposes. For all other states and territories, an NRAS approved participant or tenancy manager of the dwelling you are applying for can provide further information.

Moving from one NRAS property to another NRAS property

If you are living in an NRAS property and wish to move to another, you will be considered a new tenant for the new property.

Current tenants living in an NRAS property wishing to move to another property must direct the request to the current tenancy manager or approved participant.

For further information, consult the 2020 Regulations paragraph 41 section 4.

How to apply for an NRAS property

Information for prospective tenants looking to apply for NRAS properties including contact lists of housing providers in each state and territory

About NRAS

General information on NRAS for tenants, approved participants and investors

Living in an NRAS property

Information for tenant eligibility and moving from one NRAS property to another NRAS property

Management and compliance of NRAS dwellings

Information on NRAS incentives, Statements of Compliance requirements and NRAS performance reporting for approved participants and investors

NRAS portal

Information, Quick Reference Guide's, and a link to the NRAS portal for approved participants

NRAS resources

NRAS approved forms and fact sheets for approved participants and tenancy managers


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