The Hon Christian Porter MP

The Hon Christian Porter MP

The Minister for Social Services


Assistant Minister for Multicultural Affairs

Senator the Hon Concetta Fierravanti-Wells

Assistant Minister for Multicultural Affairs


The Hon Alan Tudge MP

The Hon Alan Tudge MP

Assistant Minister for Social Services



Portfolio responsibilities

Minister Porter is responsible for:

  • Overall responsibility for the Social Services portfolio, including policy, budget and expenditure matters and deregulation
  • Income Support for Seniors, Vulnerable People, People in Special Circumstances, People of Working Age and Students, including Newstart Allowance and Austudy/ABSTUDY
  • Policy, payments and programmes to support families and children, the Children and Parenting Support Programme, Family and Relationship Services Programme and related programmes, Paid Parental Leave and Family Tax Benefit
  • Payments and allowances for people with disability and their carers, including Disability Support Pension and Carer Payment
  • Child Support Policy
  • Policy to support people with Disability and their Carers
  • Business Services Wage Assessment Tool Policy
  • Programmes and services to reduce violence against women and their children
  • Housing and Homelessness Policy and Programmes
  • National Disability Strategy
  • Disability Employment Reform Policy
  • National Disability Insurance Scheme
  • International Social Security Agreements
  • Allowances and Concessions
  • Social Security means test policy, nominee policy, advance payment policy and compensation provisions
  • Welfare Payments Reform
  • Civil Society, Charities, Volunteers and Not-for-profits
  • Prime Minister’s Community Business Partnership
  • Emergency Relief
  • Financial Counselling
  • Whole-of-Government Grants Hub
  • Income Management (Policy)
  • Investment Approach to Welfare
  • Pay Equity in the Social and Communities Services Sector
  • Multicultural Affairs and Settlement Services policy and programmes

Assistant Minister Fierravanti-Wells is responsible for:

  • Multicultural Affairs
  • Settlement Services and Programmes, including the settlement of the additional intake of Syrian refugees

The Assistant Minister for Multicultural Affairs will also work with relevant Ministers on:

  • Ceremonial aspects of the Australian citizenship programme
  • The protection of vulnerable women and children in ethnic communities
  • Early intervention programmes to counter violent extremism and strong engagement with Muslim communities
  • Harnessing opportunities for migrants to participate in our rural and regional economies
  • Improving counter-terrorism security outcomes

Assistant Minister Tudge is responsible for:

  • Community Mental Health and Early Intervention Programmes
  • Advocacy and Carers Programmes, including the national carer gateway and an integrated approach to carer support and services
  • Disability Employment Reform and programme performance, including Australian Disability Enterprises and Disability Employment Service
  • Peak body and stakeholder engagement with the disability and carers sector
  • Implementation issues related to supported employment, including the Business Services Wage Assessment Tool Payment Scheme, and Australian Disability Enterprises
  • Gambling, Wagering and Gaming
  • Grant Reform
  • Community support and early intervention programmes that contribute to the whole-of-government response to the usage of the illicit drug ‘ice’
  • Cashless Debit Card trials
  • ICE Taskforce

Former Ministers and Parliamentary Secretaries

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