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The Hon Christian Porter MP

The Hon Christian Porter MP

The Minister for Social Services


Assistant Minister for Multicultural Affairs

The Hon Craig Laundy MP

Assistant Minister for Multicultural Affairs


Jane Prentice MP, Assistant Minister for Disability Services

The Hon Jane Prentice MP

Assistant Minister for Disability Services



Portfolio responsibilities

Minister Porter is responsible for:

  • Overall responsibility for the Social Services portfolio, including policy, budget and expenditure matters and deregulation
  • Income Support for Seniors, Vulnerable People, People in Special Circumstances, People of Working Age and Students, including Newstart Allowance and Austudy/ABSTUDY
  • Policy, payments and programmes to support families and children, the Children and Parenting Support Programme, Family and Relationship Services Programme and related programmes, Paid Parental Leave and Family Tax Benefit
  • Payments and allowances for people with disability and their carers, including Disability Support Pension and Carer Payment
  • Child Support Policy
  • Policy to support people with Disability and their Carers
  • Business Services Wage Assessment Tool Policy
  • Programmes and services to reduce violence against women and their children
  • Housing and Homelessness Policy and Programmes
  • National Disability Strategy
  • Disability Employment Reform Policy
  • National Disability Insurance Scheme
  • International Social Security Agreements
  • Allowances and Concessions
  • Social Security means test policy, nominee policy, advance payment policy and compensation provisions
  • Welfare Payments Reform
  • Civil Society, Charities, Volunteers and Not-for-profits
  • Prime Minister’s Community Business Partnership
  • Emergency Relief
  • Financial Counselling
  • Whole-of-Government Grants Hub
  • Income Management (Policy)
  • Investment Approach to Welfare
  • Pay Equity in the Social and Communities Services Sector
  • Multicultural Affairs and Settlement Services policy and programmes


Former Ministers and Parliamentary Secretaries

Former Ministerial and Parliamentary Secretary media releases and speeches are available from the Archived Media site.

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