How to apply for an NRAS property

You can apply to rent an NRAS property through an NRAS approved participant or their tenancy manager in your state or territory. For your convenience, you can click on the boxes below to access the list of contacts in the state or territory you are located. 

















The department does not select tenants or maintain a waiting list for homes supported by NRAS.

The approved participant, or their representative, are responsible for assessing initial and ongoing tenant eligibility. Prior to submitting an application, check the minimum income threshold of your current location.

To be eligible, a tenant must meet the household income threshold at Point of Entry. To obtain initial eligibility and maintain ongoing eligibility a tenant is required to:

  • provide evidence of gross income for the past 12 months to their approved participant or tenancy manager (for each year of tenancy)
  • sign a tenancy agreement
  • complete and sign a Tenant Consent Form upon entering an NRAS dwelling, and at each anniversary of entering the dwelling.

Additional eligibility information for visa holders and non-residents can be found in living in an NRAS property

Questions you might ask tenancy managers include:

  • Am I eligible?
  • Are there any vacancies now?
  • Do you keep a waiting list?
  • How much rent will I pay?
  • How long can I stay in an NRAS property?
  • What happens if my income changes?
  • When does the 10-year incentive period cease?

You may be required to provide documents to demonstrate your eligibility such as income statements.

Important information for prospective tenants about NRAS ending

A dwelling can only be part of the Scheme for a maximum of 10 years; the final round of NRAS dwellings that entered into the scheme in 2016 will exit in 2026.

Upon submitting your tenancy application, you are encouraged to consult with the tenancy management organisation about the end date of the dwelling.

Contact NRAS


Send an email to if you have any questions about:

  • the administration of NRAS
  • the actions of NRAS approved participants or tenancy managers.

How to apply for an NRAS property

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