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Progress Update: Bulk Recruitment round APS 5 and APS 6

The interviews for IMTG Group have occurred and the interviews in the Network are well underway. We are now progressing to schedule interviews for the Policy, Programme and Corporate Support roles within National Office.

Interviews will be scheduled throughout October 2015 for these groups and they will occur simultaneously across the National Office. Public holidays, school holidays and recreation leave are being taken in to consideration.

Applicants who will be on leave during the interview scheduling period can forward their contact details to and alternative arrangements will be made i.e. interview rescheduled or, if the applicant is on extended leave, contact arrangements made.

Progress Update: Special Measure APS 4, APS 5 and APS 6 positions

Arrangements will be made with stakeholders within the next two weeks for application shortlisting and interviews.

Please note: all enquiries for the above Bulk Recruitment Rounds should be submitted to

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