Diverse and inclusive workforce

We want a diverse and inclusive workforce that reflects the broader Australian community. We are committed to:

  • fostering inclusive and support work environments
  • increasing the diverse representation of employees within the Department
  • building good working relationships to drive our portfolio initiatives. 

We strive to provide a workplace for all staff to thrive and succeed. We will do this by providing:

  • an inclusive culture that celebrates differences 
  • visible leadership that drives cultural change
  • space for individuals to comfortably express their diverse experience

We have many staff-led diversity committees and networks in our Department. Our Diversity and Inclusion team works with these groups to drive positive change. The groups include:

  • National Indigenous Committee and Network
  • Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Committee and Network
  • Disability and Carers Committee and Network
  • DSS Pride Committee and Network
  • Gender Equality Network.

We maintain membership with several diversity bodies and encourage our staff to access these resources: 

  • Australian Network on Disability
  • Diversity Council of Australia 
  • Pride in Diversity 
  • Reconciliation Australia.

We follow a range of strategies and action plans to help shape and support our workforce.
Government-wide strategies and plans include:

Department specific strategy and plans include:

Read more about how we support our staff:

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