Social Media

The Department of Social Services (DSS) uses a range of social media channels to inform, engage, communicate with and learn from stakeholders and the Australian community. DSS uses social media to:

  • engage with stakeholders using familiar and widespread technology
  • develop active relationships with stakeholders and better understand their needs
  • increase the speed and frequency of public engagement
  • improve the delivery of services, particularly to rural and remote communities
  • counter inaccurate press coverage and misinformation
  • facilitate innovation through collaboration with third parties and industry experts
  • build organisational capability by exchanging information, perspectives and opinion
  • promote the Department’s activities and related events to the community.

How we use social media

We try to post relevant, interesting content and welcome your comments and suggestions. We want all participants in our social networks to feel comfortable entering into informed debate and discussion. We aim to provide an open, honest and respectful forum, where posts are courteous and do not cause offense, especially to participants under the age of 18.

For more detailed information about how DSS uses social media, please refer to our:

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