Children and Young People

All children in Australia are important. In 2009, the Commonwealth, state and territory governments and the community sector all agreed to a national guide to make sure children and young people stay safe and well. It is called the National Framework for Protecting Australia’s Children 2009–2020.  

Every three years an action plan is developed under the Framework. These plans set out important actions that everyone has agreed to take over the next three years.

A summary of the Third Action Plan has been developed for children and young people.

Who is it for?

The Third Action Plan Children’s Summary is for everybody. It was produced as an easy-read summary of the Third Action Plan.

What does it cover?

It is a summary of the aims of the Third Action Plan and what will be done over the next three years to make a difference in the lives of children and young people.

Families, children and young people, and organisations that help protect children spoke to us during the development of the Third Action Plan. They told us the following things will help make sure children and young people are safe:

  • helping parents look after their children
  • helping young people in out-of-home care as they become independent adults
  • helping organisations to look out for children and young people and know how to protect them

Children and young people, as well as people who work with children and young people, will continue to contribute to the discussion about how to improve their safety and wellbeing.

Help and information

Children’s Commissioners and Guardians

State and territory government websites

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