Marriage Education Programs


The Minister for Social Services has the power to approve an organisation to conduct marriage education programs under the Marriage Act 1961.

This approval allows organisations to qualify for Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). The ATO requires organisations to have the Minister for Social Services’ approval to conduct marriage education programs before they apply for DGR status.

The pre-approval to seek DGR status does not constitute an endorsement of services or providers by the Department of Social Services.

Approval by the Minister for Social Services does not automatically endorse organisations as a DGR. Organisations will need to apply for DGR status with the ATO.

Organisations approved to conduct marriage education programs

Currently the following providers have been approved to conduct marriage education programs under the Marriage Act 1961:

  • PMRC (Australia) Inc.
  • JJunction
  • FReN-Australia
  • Alpha Australia National Office

The department does not endorse these organisations’ service delivery over other organisations.

Further information

Email for information about the pre-approval process.

Learn more about the Deductible Gift Recipient status on the ATO’s website.

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