Benefits & Payments

A range of benefits and payments are available for parents to help with raising children – from birth to late teens – and for young people when they leave home.

Paid Parental Leave Scheme

Paid Parental Leave scheme gives working mothers the financial security to stay at home with their newborn baby or adopted child in those important first months of life.

Dad and Partner Pay

Eligible dads or partners receive two weeks’ Dad and Partner Pay at the national minimum wage so they can be at home for those very special and important first weeks with their new baby and support mums right from the start.

Family Tax Benefit

Family Tax Benefit is a payment that helps with the cost of raising children. It is made up of two parts: Family Tax Benefit Part A and Part B.

Transition to Independent Living Allowance

The Transition to Independent Living Allowance supports young people making the transition from formal out-of-home care (formal care) arrangements to independent living.

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