Towards Independent Adulthood Trial


Australian and international research consistently demonstrates that young people leaving out-of-home care face higher rates of:

  • homelessness;
  • unemployment;
  • reliance on welfare;
  • physical and mental health problems; and
  • contact with the criminal justice system, than young people not in care.

The Trial will test a new service delivery model to better support young people as they transition from formal care to adulthood.

The major components of the model include:

  • an intensive case management service;
  • priority access to government funded services; and
  • online resources and support.

Aim of the Trial

The Towards Independent Adulthood (TIA) trial is an initiative under the Third Action Plan of the National Framework for Protecting Australian Children 2009-2020 that aims to help young people in out-of-home-care to thrive into adulthood. The trial will evaluate the effectiveness of wrap-around support services for young people transitioning from out-of-home-care through an intensive case management service, priority access to government funded services and online resources.

The TIA trial is funded by the Department of Social Services (the department) and is supported by a Memorandum of Understanding between the department and the Western Australian Department of Communities.

The trial is being delivered in four sites: metropolitan Perth; Peel; Wheatbelt; and South West regions of Western Australia.

Eight full time Personal Advisers will deliver intensive mentoring and targeted supports to around 80 participants who are aged 16 years at the beginning of the trial. The trial commenced in mid-2017 and will run until 30 June 2020.

The TIA Trial will target the following eight life domains:

  • education, training and employment;
  • housing;
  • health;
  • legal matters;
  • identity and culture;
  • social relationships and support networks;
  • financial security; and
  • life (and after care) skills.

The focus will be on education, training and employment.

An image illustrating the factors that impact on a young person's transition from out-of-home-care to independence. The image contains 4 circles which encircle one another. The central circle denotes the young person, followed by preparation and planning, then the eight life domains, and support. Outside of the fourth circle are listed the individuals and groups that have contact with the young person, for example, carers, family and workers.

Evaluation of the Trial

The trial will be evaluated by an independent evaluator, ACIL Allen. The evaluation will compare the outcomes of the trial to existing Western Australia leaving care services and other similar Australian programs and trials.

State and territory governments will use the evaluation findings to guide future interventions for young people transitioning to adulthood from out-of-home-care.

More information

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