How to apply for an NRAS dwelling and list of approved participants in Queensland

Prospective tenants in Queensland must register and be issued an NRAS number by the Queensland Government before applying for NRAS properties.

Prospective tenants can check your eligibility before registering with the Queensland Government.

For your convenience, we have attached a list of contacts that manage NRAS dwellings, once you are issued with an NRAS number, contact directly the approved participant or tenancy manager of your preference to see if they have a dwelling available in regional or city areas.

For prospective tenants that have applied for an NRAS dwelling, and need a copy of their NRAS number please contact the Queensland Government directly or call 13 QGOV (13 74 68).

NRAS homes are part of the private rental market and often approved participants or tenancy managers may choose to advertise properties through a nominated local real estate agent. To find NRAS homes available for rent in your preferred area, prospective tenants may wish to do an online search in the following websites:

Alternatively, you can search the keywords ‘NRAS properties available for rent’ in your preferred web browser.

Please note, property advertisements are managed by the relevant real estate agent and you may need to adjust the filters in your search for NRAS properties in your preferred area.

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