Latest update on the processing of 2013-14 NRAS incentives

Update 20 - 18 June 2015

The Department is providing regular updates on the progress of processing 2013-14 NRAS incentives.  This is to provide current information to approved participants and investors about how this important process is progressing.  Please be aware that the Department cannot provide additional information which identifies progress for specific approved participants.  This is to protect commercially confidential arrangements.

As at 18 June 2015, the Department has received notification from 104 of the 104 approved participants stating that statements of compliance for all of their dwellings are ready for assessment.  Of the 104, all have been assessed, and 91 were found to have errors in the documentation supporting their statements of compliance.  The Department continues to work with approved participants to resolve these issues, and has contacted many approved participants on multiple occasions to explain which errors in the documentation supporting their statements of compliance are preventing assessment of their eligibility to receive an incentive for a dwelling in the 2013-14 NRAS year.  The Department will continue to communicate these issues to approved participants until all statements of compliance are ready to be assessed.

Following continued communication with approved participants, a total of 70 approved participants have now submitted statements of compliance which have been assessed as compliant and have had incentives issued.

In light of ongoing delays in receiving accurate documented evidence of full compliance with the regulations from approved participants, the Department has negotiated with the Australian Taxation Office to consider issuing RTO certificates to approved participants who currently have a significant number of dwellings assessed as being compliant, rather than waiting for all assessments to be finalised.  This has resulted in 31 approved participants receiving interim RTOs.

In total, 20,403 incentives have been issued for dwellings compliant with the regulations in the 2013-14 NRAS year.

For further information, investors need to discuss specific progress with their approved participants.  Approved participants seeking further information should contact the Department via email:

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