Departmental Contract Listing

Senate Order No 192 of 20 June 2001 (amended 14 May 2015) requires government agencies to publish at regular intervals a list of contracts to the value of $100,000 or more entered into during the previous twelve months. The list is also to include contracts entered into in an earlier period that have not been fully performed (i.e. which are still current), at the end of the reporting year.

The Senate Order requires the list to include:

  • the name of the contractor;
  • the subject matter of each contract;
  • the total contract value;
  • the start and end dates of the contract (contract duration); and
  • details of confidentiality provisions requiring the parties to maintain confidentiality of:
    (i) any of its provisions; and
    (ii) of any other requirements of confidentiality.

All of the Department's contracts contain the standard confidentiality and non-disclosure clauses of a general nature.

In the context of the Senate Order, 'contract' has been defined as including Grants, which are listed separately.

Senate Order on Departmental and Agency Contracts

The published contracts are for the reporting period 1 January 2017 – 31 December 2017.

Department of Social Services

The accountable authority of the Department of Social Services has assured that the listed contracts do not contain any inappropriate confidentiality provisions

For details on other portfolio lists please visit:

Cost of Compliance

The estimated cost of complying with the Senate Order in relation to the current list for Department of Social Services 'core' is approximately $2,000. This is based primarily on an estimate of staff hours spent at average hourly rates for data collection, liaison, analysis and management. General overhead costs are also included in this figure.


Any enquiries should be directed to Procurement and Corporate Contracts Section on (02) 6146 1925.

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