National Research Agenda for Protecting Children (2011)


National Research Agenda for Protecting Children


Aim of publication

This National Research Agenda for Protecting Children 2011-2014 (National Research Agenda) has been developed to identify research opportunities and priorities and expand the evidence base around issues in Australia relevant to protecting children from abuse and neglect.

The National Research Agenda is one of the main priority actions under the National Framework for Protecting Australia's Children 2009-2020 (the National Framework).

Who is it for?

This publication is intended for use by government to help inform future policy development.  It is also intended for use by academics and practitioners to stimulate research, partnerships and collaboration in the child protection sector, and for individuals who work with children.

What does it cover?

This publication was developed to assist governments, researchers and funders to find a better way of working together.  It looks at areas where information is currently lacking and encourages a more efficient and cohesive effort in order to find that information.

Three research projects selected through an open tender process and jointly funded by the Australian Government and State and Territory Governments, comprised key components of the National Research Agenda. Two of the research reports – Moving to Prevention and Thriving in Adversity are now completed.

  • Moving to Prevention research report: Intensive family support services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children.  Secretariat of National Aboriginal and Islander Child Care Inc (SNAICC).
    • The research report is the first of two parts to an overarching project aimed to deepen understanding about the factors and conditions that contribute to family support services achieving positive outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families in contact with the statutory child protection system.
    • The first phase reports on outcomes of workshops, interviews and focus groups with staff and management of Intensive Family Support Services and Targeted Family Support Services, as well as children and their families.
    • The second phase to this project is the development of a practice and training guide to be completed by end of April 2015.
  • Thriving in adversity: a positive deviance study of safe communities for children. Social Policy Research Centre (SPRC).
    • This project has investigated the factors in some disadvantaged communities that help to make these communities safe for children.
  • The third project Refugee Communities – Intercultural Dialogue, conducted by the Australian Catholic University, is due for completion in mid 2015.

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