Related Agencies & Sites 

Australian government agencies

  • Australian Taxation Office
    General tax information including details regarding offsets for senior Australians and pensioners.

  • Services Australia
    Services Australia provides support in retirement with a range of payments including Age Pension, Pension Loans Scheme, Pension Bonus Scheme and Seniors Concession Allowance.

  • Department of Veterans' Affairs
    Information about pensions, health, housing and commemorations for veterans and their families.

  • Department of Health
    Information on government health programs, including information on ageing and aged care.

  • Department of Employment
    Provides national leadership in education and workplace training, transition to work, and conditions and values in the workplace.

  • Attorney-General’s Department
    Information on protecting the rights of older Australians including elder abuse.

Resources for seniors

  • Elder Abuse
    Compass - A national knowledge hub and online resource dedicated to providing information on issues of elder abuse.

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