Literature Review on Domestic Violence Perpetrators

The National Plan to Reduce Violence against Women and their Children (2010-2022) recognises the need to strengthen the evidence base for perpetrator intervention responses by conducting research and developing national standards. This literature review has particular relevance for Outcome 6 of the National Plan that perpetrators stop their violence and are held to account, which focuses on developing strategies and implementing actions to hold perpetrators accountable and reduce the risk of recidivism, and early intervention.

The literature review on domestic violence perpetrators:

  • provides an overview of the estimated incidence and prevalence of domestic violence and sexual assault in Australia, and the socio-demographic characteristics of perpetrators;
  • identifies evaluations of domestic and sexual violence perpetrator intervention programs that have been undertaken nationally and internationally to describe the evidence regarding program effectiveness; and
  • analyses the nature and extent of current research on intervention programs, and identifies research gaps, needs and priorities for future research.

The Select Council on Women’s Issues agreed to the release of this Literature Review, which will support national consultations on perpetrator intervention standards and research priorities.

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