National analysis of workforce trends in statutory child protection

Aim of Publication

‘Building Capacity and Expertise’ is a National Priority under the National Framework for Protecting Australia’s Children (Council of Australian Governments, 2009). On behalf of the Community and Disability Ministerial Advisory Council (now the Standing Council on Community and Disability Service Ministerial Advisory Council), the Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs commissioned the Institute of Child Protection Studies to undertake a national analysis of workforce trends and approaches that currently affect Australia’s statutory child protection workforce.

Who is it for?

This report is for policy makers, organisations and service providers and for anyone concerned about children and their wellbeing.

What does it cover?

The report demonstrates the critical importance and complexity of workforce issues in statutory child protection, including identifying national trends and sharing innovative practice being undertaken at a jurisdictional level as well as possible future directions to enhance capacity and expertise in the statutory child protection sector.

The report covers:

  • the national trends that impact on recruitment and retention in the statutory child protection workforce
  • successful strategies are employed or will be employed by state and territory governments to recruit, retrain and support the statutory child protection workforce
  • priorities at jurisdictional and national levels that could be considered to further develop the capacity and expertise of the statutory child protection workforce.

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