Financial and Non-Financial Support to Formal and Informal Out-of-home Carers (2010)


Financial and Non-Financial Support to Formal and Informal Out of Home Carers


Author:  Marilyn McHugh and Kylie Valentine

Aim of publication

This report compares the range of financial and non-financial supports for out-of-home carers and explores possible gaps and inequities.  The research was carried out by the Social Policy Research Centre (SPRC) at the University of New South Wales.

Who is it for?

This report is for relevant policy makers, service providers supporting out-of-home carers and interested stakeholders.

What does it cover?

This report reviews financial and non-financial support available for formal and informal carers.  It also covers improvements in planning and delivery of support for carers, as well as makes recommendations for future actions.  The report also covers:

  • financial and non-financial support to carers
  • barriers to undertaking a carer role
  • carers’ experience of accessing support and services
  • service gaps and inequities
  • examples of good practice in the out-of-home care system.

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