DSS Consultative Forum

Community Services Advisory Group

The Community Services Advisory Group (CSAG) is the key advisory group on issues relating to the Department’s grant programs. CSAG will work together to:

  • Utilise lessons learnt from the 2014 grants process to reflect and contribute to the Department for future grants selections.
  • Contribute to priority setting, policy planning and approaches to contestability for the Department’s program suite.
  • Contribute to the Department’s data management system for Grants through the DSS Data Exchange.
  • Consult and collaborate on future program redesign.
  • Work together to provide options for community sector capacity and support.

CSAG have met on 25 August 2015, 4 November 2015, 18 February 2016 and 16 May 2016. The next scheduled meeting for CSAG will be held in August 2016.

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