How Australia led the way: Dora Meeson Coates and British Suffrage


How Australia led the way


Author:  Myra Scott

The Suffrage Banner: Commonwealth of Australia. ‘Trust the Women Mother as I Have Done’ was carried proudly at the head of the Australian an New Zealand contingent of women suffragists in the Women’s Suffrage Coronation Procession in London on 1911. It was held by the artist, Dora Meeson Coates, with her husband, George Coates, and others, assisting. Leading the contingent were Mrs Margaret Fisher, the wife of the Australian Prime Minister, Mrs Emily McGowen, the wife of the New South Wales’ Premier, and Australian suffragist extraordinaire, Vida Goldstein. Lady Anna Stout, the wife of New Zealand’s Chief Justice and the former Prime Minster, led the New Zealand contingent. These were prominent women in Australia and New Zealand – what were they doing in a protest march in London?

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