Policies & Legislation

  • Department's Corporate Policies

    Contains information relating to the risk management framework, environmental policy, our commitment to workplace diversity, our Disability Action Plan, and our recruitment and reasonable adjustment policies.

  • Legislation

    Information on the Administrative Arrangements Order list, portfolio legislation and the status of legislation currently before Parliament.

  • Certifications

  • Procedures for determining breaches of the Code of Conduct and for determining sanction

    Signed statement by the Secretary Finn Pratt and information about breaches relating to the Australian Public Service (APS) Code of Conduct.

  • Public Interest Disclosure Procedure

    Signed procedures by the Acting Secretary, Serena Wilson and information about public interest disclosures within the Department.

    The Department has appointed the following authorised officers in relation to public interest disclosures:

    • Lisa Gruber, Section Manager, Feedback Coordination and Secretariat
    • Nicolle Sullivan, Assistant Section Manager, Feedback Coordination and Secretariat

    Authorised officers can be contacted via publicinterestdisclosures@dss.gov.au  or phoning 1800 007 952.

  • DSS Fraud Policy Statement

    This policy statement is about fraud prevention, detection and DSS's response to fraud under the Commonwealth Fraud Control Guidelines.

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