A New Way of Working for Grants


Due to the volume of applications lodged with DSS in the last days of the applications period, the Department’s system experienced interruptions which inconvenienced some applicants. Please accept our apology if your organisation was impacted by this.

How do I know my application was successfully received?

If you submitted your application using the online form or via email before 2pm AEST Thursday 24 July 2014 and received a submission receipt or confirmation email, your application has been successfully submitted.

If you attempted to submit your application before 2pm using the online form and did not receive a receipt, your application will not have been successfully submitted. In this instance, you may wish to submit a late application request. Please see below for more information.

The Department is working to respond to emails received as a priority. If you emailed your application before 2pm AEST Thursday 24 July 2014, the Department will respond to your email and confirm the acceptance of your application shortly.

If you emailed your application after 2pm the Department will consider your application under the late applications policy and will respond to confirm whether it has been accepted or not. Please note that we may request further information from you to confirm your late application claim.

If you have not received a response to your email or receipt of your application by midday AEST Monday 28 July 2014 please email with a copy of your original email and contact details and we will investigate and respond. Alternatively you can contact the DSS Grants Hotline on 1800 625 136 (TTY 1800 555 677) and leave your details and we will call you back. Please note the DSS Grants Hotline is unable to advise on the status of individual applications.

What is the process for submitting late applications?

Applications received after 2pm AEST Thursday 24 July 2014 are considered to be a late application.

The Department will consider the acceptance of late applications caused by exceptional circumstances.

Requests to consider late applications must be submitted in writing to as soon as possible.

Requests for late application should include:

  • contact details for you and your organisation, including phone and email.
  • the issue or circumstance which stopped you from submitting your application before close.
  • any evidence or record you have of attempting to submit your application or contacting the Department about the issue prior to 2pm.
  • your application form.
  • your registration number (if you have one).

The Australian Government is committed to working effectively with civil society to deliver valuable services for individuals, families and the community. This includes providing greater certainty for service providers to improve service delivery and enable them to continue to deliver the critical work that they do.

As part of a broad deregulation agenda to boost productivity and remove excessive and unnecessary red tape for community organisations, the Department of Social Services (DSS) new arrangements streamline 18 programmes into seven which see significant improvements to grants funding, enhance service delivery and provide greater freedom for service providers.

The new grant arrangements include:

  • new grant programmes that better reflect the way community services are delivered
  • longer term grant agreements where appropriate, to offer certainty in service delivery
  • a move towards a single grant agreement for each provider to reduce administrative burden
  • a new and streamlined approach to programme performance reporting which is mutually beneficial
  • simplified financial acquittal reporting to cut down on administrative costs for providers

Minister for Social Services, the Hon Kevin Andrews speaks about these new grant arrangements in this video.

On 19 June 2014, 21 funding rounds for grants under these new arrangements were opened for application, and closed on 24 July 2014. A small number of funding rounds are still open and can be found on the Funding Open for Application page.

Organisations interested in DSS grants are encouraged to subscribe to receive alerts when new information is made available.  The Department accepts no responsibility to inform applicants of any changes if they do not subscribe to receive alerts.

To ensure service delivery continues while the new arrangements are implemented, DSS has offered funding extensions to the majority of existing service providers with agreements that finished on 30 June 2014.

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