Disability Employment Services

Disability Employment Services help people with disability find work and keep a job.

Through Disability Employment Services, people with disability, injury or health condition may be able to receive assistance to prepare for, find and keep a job.

Providers of Disability Employment Services are called DES providers for short. DES providers are a mix of large, medium and small, for-profit and not-for-profit organisations that are experienced in supporting people with disability as well as providing assistance to employers to put in place practices that support the employee in the workplace.

Disability Employment Services has two parts:

  • Disability Management Service is for job seekers with disability, injury or health condition who need assistance to find a job and occasional support in the workplace to keep a job.
  • Employment Support Service provides assistance to job seekers with permanent disability to find a job and who need regular, ongoing support in the workplace to keep a job.

JobAccess can provide you with all the information you need on disability employment, including Disability Employment Services.

JobAccess is a comprehensive website and a telephone information service that provides advice on disability employment related matters. It offers help and workplace solutions for people with disability and their employers.

DES Reform 2018

Following extensive community consultation involving people with disability, disability peak organisations, disability service providers and employers, the DES program has changed from 1 July 2018. DES participants now have greater choice about the services they receive and how they receive them.

The changes to the DES program include:

  • improving participant choice and control;
  • engendering competition and contestability in service delivery;
  • improving incentives for providers to place jobseekers in employment;
  • introducing indexation of provider payments; and
  • a trial of expanded DES eligibility for students in the last year of school.

The changes aim to improve the overall performance of the DES program to help more people with disability, injury or a health condition find and maintain employment.

DES Provider Panel 2018

A new panel of Disability Employment Services (DES) Providers has been established through a grant application process. The new providers of Disability Employment Services are supporting people with disability to find and keep work with a greater emphasis on providers achieving outcomes. A list of organisations that are delivering DES is available.

National Panel of Assessors

As part of the current reforms to Disability Employment Services (DES) program, a new National Panel of Assessors (NPA) has been established from a grant selection process, to deliver assessment services from 1 July 2018. The NPA will provide a range of independent assessment services to assist people with disability who are seeking employment and/or keep sustainable employment.

As a result of the grant application process:

  • 93 organisations were recommended to deliver NPA Assessment services from 1 July 2018,
  • 48 new NPA organisations were recommended to start providing NPA assessment services across Australia, and
  • 45 existing NPA organisations were recommended to continue to deliver NPA services.

 A list of organisations that have received and accepted offers to deliver NPA from 1 July 2018 is now available below.

More information on the program can be found on the JobAccess website or contact JobAccess support-line on 1800 464 800.

DES Links

Want to know more?

  • Visit the JobAccess website for more information or to find your local DES provider
  • Call JobAccess on 1800 464 800

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