The National Centre of Excellence

The National Centre of Excellence (NCE) is a key commitment under the National Plan to Reduce Violence against Women and their Children 2010-2022 (the National Plan).

The role of the NCE is to build a strong and lasting evidence base that will drive reform and inform policy and practice in the reducing of violence against women and their children.  The NCE will provide a research hub for policy makers, practitioners and researchers to link up evidence based responses, as well as serve as a meeting point for strategic partnerships with a wide range of organisations, academics and key government and non-government stakeholders.

The Australian Government provided initial funding of $1 million to establish the NCE. From mid-2013 the Centre is receiving annual funding of $3 million, with the Australian Government providing $1.5 million annually and the remaining $1.5 million being provided by state and territory governments on a cost shared basis.

The NCE is based in Sydney and began operational work in early 2013.

Board Directors are:

  • Emeritus Professor Anne Edwards AO (Chair)
  • Emeritus Professor Reg Graycar
  • Dr Melanie Heenan
  • Ms Victoria Hovane
  • Ms Shirley Slann
  • Mr Ian Ward-Ambler
  • Ms Maura Boland (NSW Government)
  • Ms Cate McKenzie (Commonwealth Government)
  • Ms Joslene Mazel (SA Government)
  • Mr Simon Phemister (Victorian Government)

For further information about the NCE see the NCE web site.

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