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From 1 May 2011 DSS is required by s11C of the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (FOI Act) to publish a disclosure log on the website. The disclosure log lists information which has been released in response to an FOI access request. The publication of such documents must be done within 10 working days of the applicant being given access to the document(s).

The disclosure log requirement does not apply to:

  • Personal information about any person if publication of that information would be 'unreasonable'
  • Information about the business, commercial, financial or professional affairs of any person if publication of that information would be 'unreasonable'
  • Other information covered by a determination made by the Australian Information Commissioner if publication of that information would be 'unreasonable'
  • Any information if it is not reasonably practicable to publish the information because of the extent of modifications that would need to be made to delete the information listed in the above dot points.

Note: Information will be added to this register as it is released.

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Information that is not available on DSS's website may be obtained by foi@dss.gov.au. A charge may be imposed to reimburse DSS for the cost incurred in copying or reproducing the information or sending it to you. There will be no charge for the time spent by DSS in processing the FOI request that led to this information being made available. You will be notified if any charge is payable and you will be required to pay the charge before the information is provided.

There are documents in the disclosure log that are currently not available in html format. If you are unable to read the format provided please contact the FOI Coordinator at foi@dss.gov.au. We will try to meet all reasonable requests for an alternate format of the document in a timely manner.

FOI reference no. Date of access FOI request Information published in the disclosure log Description of document
16/17-030 14 November 2016 Most recent figures detailing no. of welfare recipients of income support and benefits by payment type and country of birth

FOI decision:

  • One document created under s17 of FOI Act and released in full.

See attached pdf file:

No. of payment type recipients by country of birth table
FOI Document 16/17-030 Document 1 [PDF 847 KB]
16/17-021 17 October 2016 PwC and Kruk Reports - Consolidated documents - Redacted Three documents released consisting of 7 pages. See attached PDF file. Invoices for the cost of the PwC review into the NDIS IT system  and the Robyn Kruk review into the transition readiness of the NDIS.
FOI Document 16/17-021 Document [PDF 482 KB]
16/17-018 6 October 2016 The Australian Government’s annual and monthly expenditure on the unemployment benefit and the number of unemployment benefit recipients for the past four financial years. One document released consisting of one page. See attached pdf file. Attachment C
Newstart (NSA) & Youth Allowance other (YA(o)):
Unemployment benefit recipients receive either NSA or YA(o)
FOI Document 16/17-018 Attachment C [PDF 480 KB]
16/17-015 18 October 2016 Documents regarding recruitment and review process for APS 6 State Programme Management, Support and Advice: Service Delivery positions

FOI decision:

  • Ten documents release in full, 37 documents released in part (s47C – deliberative processes, s47F – personal privacy)

See attached pdfs file.

APS notices, Selection Report, Departmental email correspondence, candidate referee reports
FOI Document 16/17-015 Documents 1-47 [PDF 5,662]
16/17-011 4 October 2016 The number of payment summaries for the 2015-16 financial year issued to staff after 14 July 2016 and why these payment summaries, issued after 14 July 2016, were not issued on or before 14 July 2016. Six documents released consisting of 21 pages. See attached pdf file.  
FOI Document 16/17-011 Document [PDF 765 KB]


2 September 2016

Please provide a copy of the contract [with Autism CRC] showing precisely what the contractor is to deliver.

Please also provide documents (if any) showing all changes to tender or the subsequent contract relating to the research that was/is contracted.

One document, consisting of 8 pages, released subject to the removal of irrelevant material under section 22 of the FOI Act and the exemption of personal information under section 47F of the FOI Act (see attached pdf file).


FOI Decision 16/17-010 Document 1 [PDF 861.94 KB] Standard Funding Agreement Schedule – Early Intervention Services for children with Disability Programme



Current incoming government briefing documents

FOI decision:

  • One document exempt in full under s47C (deliberative processes) and s47E (certain operations of agencies)
  • One document released in part, material redacted is exempt under s47F (personal privacy).
  • One document released in full.
See attached pdf files:
FOI Decision 16/17-007 Document 1 [PDF 7.7 MB]

Department of Social Services Incoming Government Brief - Departmental Overview.

18 July 2016
FOI Decision 16/17-007 Document 2 [PDF 1.4 MB]

Department of Social Services Incoming Government Brief – Outcome Compendium

18 July 2016

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