National Disability Representative Organisations

In late 2017 an open, merit-based selection process was undertaken that resulted in multiple organisations being funded under the Disability Representative Organisations program to provide systemic advocacy and representation for Australians with disability.

The program provides funding until 30 June 2024 to:

The program provides the capacity for all people, and their representative organisations, to have their views communicated to the Government, regardless of type of disability, gender, cultural background, age or membership.

The funding is to enable organisations to provide systemic advocacy for Australians with disability to:

  • promote an understanding of the lives of people with disability
  • promote and protect the rights and dignity of people with disability
  • foster support for the participation of people with disability in all aspects of community life.

These peak bodies provide advice to the Government on breaking down barriers and improving social and economic participation and engage with a range of ministers and portfolios.

Through the 2022-23 October Budget, the government doubled existing support for systemic disability advocacy, to increase annual funding from $2.6 million per year to over $5.2 million per year.

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