Families and Children Activity – Program logic requirements for FaC service providers

As part of the Families and Children Activity funding extensions many service providers are required to develop a program logic for each of their grant activities. This requirement applies to most services delivering the following programs:

  • Budget Based Funded
  • Children and Parenting Support (CaPS) services
  • Family and Relationship Services (FaRS), including Specialised Family Violence Services
  • Family Mental Health Support Services.

Service providers should review their grant agreement for details of when these reporting milestones are due. For most providers, a draft program logic is due to the department by March 2022, and a final program logic is due to the department by June 2023. 

The department has developed a template and guidance material (including example program logics) to support service providers to develop a program logic and meet their reporting requirements:

If an organisation has an existing program logic for their funded services, the organisation does not need to transfer their current program logic into the department’s program logic template. However, service providers with existing program logics should review the departments’ template and associated guidance to ensure their existing program logic includes all relevant components, and adheres to the department’s guidance.

Further information regarding your program logic requirements is available in program operational guidelines on the department’s website.

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