Intercountry Adoption Australia

DSS delivers the Intercountry Adoption Australia information and referral service.

Intercountry Adoption Australia is an Australian Government service, providing information and referrals for anyone involved in the intercountry adoption process. It is a central information point for people interested in and/or affected by intercountry adoption.

It includes a website and free email inquiry and telephone information line.

For more information about the process of adoption, state and territory contacts, adoption support services and other useful resources, visit the Intercountry Adoption Australia website.

Intercountry Adoption Family Support Service

The Intercountry Adoption Family Support Service (ICAFSS) is funded by the Australian Government, managed by DSS, and is delivered by Relationship Matters: Relationship Counselling, Mediation and Education Services. The ICAFSS is a free, national service that provides post-adoption support to young adoptees, adult adoptees and adoptive parents. The ICAFSS also provides support to prospective adoptive parents before and during the intercountry adoption process and post-adoption support to families formed by expatriate adoptions.

Currently, the ICAFSS aims to provide:

  • broad-based relationship and education counselling
  • intensive, long-term and early intervention support
  • information and referrals to other support services as required
  • responsive support tailored to meet the needs of the client
  • parenting and education training
  • distance and outreach services (including face-to-face, email, telephone and video-link, depending on the client’s needs)
  • training and education for families to prepare them to:
    • support children with special needs
    • respond to issues commonly associated with intercountry adoption (including family functioning, cultural identity, mental health, trauma, grief and social issues).

For more information visit the Relationship Matters website, or the Intercountry Adoption Australia website.

Transition to the Intercountry Adoptee and Family Support Service

From 1 July 2021, the re-designed Intercountry Adoptee and Family Support Service will be provided by Relationships Australia. Relationship Matters will hand over the delivery of the ICAFSS to Relationships Australia throughout April, May and June 2021. You can read more about the transition in the Minister’s announcement.

Clients can continue to access services through Relationship Matters until 30 June 2021. Relationships Australia will work closely with Relationship Matters to ensure clients are linked appropriately to the new service with ongoing support for a seamless transition, including working with clients’ existing counsellors on therapeutic transition plans to support this process.

DSS is extremely grateful for the tireless dedication, and essential support and care provided by Relationship Matters to the intercountry adoption community since 2016.

You can contact the Intercountry Adoptee and Family Support Service at Relationships Australia on (08) 8245 8100 or email

For more information visit Relationships Australia website, or the Intercountry Adoption Australia website.

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