Intercountry Adoption Australia

The Department of Social Services (DSS) delivers the Intercountry Adoption Australia information and referral service.

Intercountry Adoption Australia is an Australian Government service, providing information and referrals for anyone involved in the intercountry adoption process. It is a central information point, including a website and email enquiry service, for people interested in and/or affected by intercountry adoption.

For more information about the process of adoption, state and territory contacts, adoption support services and other useful resources, visit the Intercountry Adoption Australia website.

Intercountry Adoptee and Family Support Service

The Intercountry Adoptee and Family Support Service (ICAFSS) is funded by the Australian Government, managed by DSS, and is delivered by Relationships Australia. The ICAFSS is a free, national service that provides post-adoption support to young adoptees, adult adoptees, adoptive parents and the families of adoptees. The ICAFSS also provides support to prospective adoptive parents before and during the intercountry adoption process and post-adoption support to families formed by expatriate adoptions.

The ICAFSS provides:

  • Counselling and therapeutic care
  • Resources and information about intercountry adoption for adoptees, adoptive parents and teachers
  • Support services, including peer support

ICAFSS is available to:

  • Young and adult adoptees
  • Adoptive parents
  • Prospective adoptive parents
  • Families of adoptees, including siblings, partners and children, when their need for support relates to an adoptee’s experiences of intercountry adoption.

Support is available for adoptees and families formed by intercountry adoption, and for adoptions by expatriate Australians while living overseas.

For more information visit the Relationships Australia website, or the Intercountry Adoption Australia website.

You can contact Relationships Australia’s ICAFSS program through the following:
Phone: (08) 8245 8100
Enquire online: ICAFSS Service Enquiry

Transitioning from Relationship Matters

If you were previously a client of the ICAFSS when delivered by Relationship Matters (prior to 30 June 2021) we encourage you to notify the intake staff and your counsellor at Relationships Australia so that – with your permission – they can facilitate the movement of your treatment files to your new care provider.

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