Stronger ACCOs, Stronger Families Part 2

The Stronger ACCOs (Aboriginal Community-Controlled Organisations), Stronger Families Part 2 Project aims to strengthen genuine partnerships between non-Indigenous organisations and ACCOs in the delivery of programs within the Families and Children Activity.

How will the project run?

The project will focus on the Home Interaction Program for Parents and Youngsters (HIPPY) and Communities for Children Facilitating Partners (CfC FP) providers.

The project will run in two tranches. Tranche 1 is partnering with a number of Leading Regions sites where a non-Indigenous organisation are partnered or are seeking to partner with ACCOs to strengthen those partnerships and collect learnings. Tranche 2 will look to implement these learnings to further providers.

Who will run the project?

The project is being managed by an Aboriginal organisation, Wunan Foundation. Wunan Foundation is also working with Impact Partners and Social Ventures Australia as project partners to assist with delivery and evaluation.

Closing the Gap

This project contributes to the department’s commitment to the National Agreement on Closing the Gap, addressing Priority Reform 1 (Formal Partnerships and Shared Decision Making) and Priority Reform 2 (Building the Community-Controlled Sector), and Target 12 (reducing the number of children in out-of-home care).

Commonwealth Closing the Gap Implementation Plan

The Stronger ACCOs, Stronger Families Part 2 Project contributes to the 2023 Commonwealth Closing the Gap Implementation Plan announced on 13 February 2023.

Stronger ACCOs, Stronger Families Part 1

This project builds on Stronger ACCOs, Stronger Families Part 1, which delivered the SNAICC Stronger ACCOs Stronger Families Report that identified the strengths, opportunities and barriers faced by ACCOs.

Want to participate or learn more?

Contact either or if you are a CfC FP, CfC Community Provider, HIPPY or ACCO provider who is interested in participating in the next stage of the project or would like to receive more information.

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