Families and Children - Activity Work Plan Guidance

Organisations funded to deliver grant activities under the Families and Children (FaC) Activity are required to submit Activity Work Plans (AWP) and AWP reports. Organisations should complete these and submit them to their Funding Arrangement Managers (FAM) in accordance with the obligations outlined in their grant agreements.

The AWP Report details an organisation’s progress against the activities and deliverables in its AWP. The AWP Report also informs and facilitates conversations about service delivery between an organisation and its FAM, which is useful to inform future AWPs.

To better capture information relevant to different grant activities, AWP templates have been developed for different grant activities.

The relevant AWP template for each grant activity is on the individual program page:

For organisations delivering any grant activities under the Families and Children Activity that is not listed above, please use the Standardised AWP template.

Completing the AWP template

To complete an AWP, an organisation will need a copy of the relevant AWP template and the department’s AWP Guidance documents, which outline the department’s requirements and expectations for AWPs and AWP Reports:

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