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The DOMINO (Data Over Multiple Individual Occurrences)

The DOMINO (Data Over Multiple Individual Occurrences) two

The DOMINO (Data Over Multiple Individual Occurrences) DataMart allows the Department of Social Services (DSS) to track changes in individual life outcomes over time by linking different areas of data reporting through a central spine. This offers insights into a person’s interactions with Social Security Payments and DSS managed programs.

The DOMINO External Version is a subset of the DOMINO DataMart and is the primary source of data supplied to the ABS (MADIP) and AIHW (RARG) to populate their data stores.


The Multi-Agency Data Integration Project (MADIP) is a secure data asset combining information on health, education, government payments, income and taxation, employment, and population demographics (including the Census) over time. Researchers can access MADIP via the ABS DataLab. To request MADIP data to undertake research go to DataLab | Australian Bureau of Statistics (abs.gov.au)


The Remote Access Research Gateway (RARG) is used for research projects that use DSS data. Access to the data is provided by the Secure Unified Research Environment (SURE), which allows researchers to undertake analysis within a secure project environment. To request access to DSS data via RARG go to RARG | Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (aihw.gov.au)

Click to view metadata for MADIP and RARG: DOMINO External Version

The Aristotle Platform is a web based software application developed to meet the needs of government and academic institutions to manage and organise their data.  Aristotle captures metadata in a way that provides capability to understand the context, definitions, meaning and data quality indicators for the described data.  DSS uses Aristotle to display the metadata for various data stores. If you have any questions please email data@dss.gov.au.

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