Community Capacity Building

Programs currently funded under the Strengthening Communities Activity, including the Community Capacity Building Program, will be replaced by three new grants programs as part of the Strong and Resilient Communities grants program from 1 April 2018.

Community Capacity Building grants support community organisations to provide programs and projects that respond to local needs and make a positive contribution to community development.

These grants support the delivery of short-term services or one-off projects, activities or events. These services or projects respond quickly to particular local community needs and make a positive contribution to community life.

Funding will focus on:

  • capacity building for communities and for organisations to identify and address local community needs
  • facilitating partnerships that result in better services and service integration
  • developing strategies to increase awareness of access to services
  • supporting organisations in the delivery of services to individuals and organisations.

Organisations currently funded under Community Capacity Building are listed on the DSS Grants Service Directory.

You can search the directory by program name, state/territory, region or postcode, or a combination of these.

Information on current grant rounds can be found at

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