Showing appreciation for volunteers

Volunteers help to build stronger and more resilient communities across Australia. Volunteering touches all aspects of Australian society. Volunteers help in a variety of ways. It could be helping:

  • local sporting teams
  • planting trees or picking up rubbish with land care groups
  • at your local school
  • to respond to natural disasters and emergencies
  • local charities support some of our most disadvantaged people. 

More than 6 million Australians volunteer each year. They freely give their time, energy and skills to support others. They are people from all ages, ethnicities and backgrounds. Australian volunteers are the backbones of their communities.

The Australian Government want to recognise this very important contribution. Members of Parliament (MPs) and Senators can issue a Certificate of Appreciation for Volunteers in their electorate, state or territory. The certificate helps to acknowledge formally the efforts of outstanding and well-deserving volunteers.

To learn more about volunteering, visit the Volunteering Australia website. You will find: 

  •  useful information about volunteering
  •  information about key events throughout the year
  • details of your local volunteer resource centre.


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