Australian Government Graduate Program

The department also participates in the Australian Government Graduate Program (AGGP) to help fill our graduate roles.

The AGGP helps recent graduates find a job in participating agencies across the public service. The Department of Social Services participates in the following AGGP streams:

When you apply for the AGGP streams, you will have the option to list your preferred department. Choose us! Select the Department of Social Services as your first preference to apply for our program.

Graduate pathways

In addition to the AGGP streams, the Department of Social Services have 4 pathways that you can apply for directly through us, They are:

Generalist roles

The department welcomes graduate applications from all degree disciplines for our generalist graduate pathway. The generalist pathway gives graduates the opportunity to broaden their career by working in our policy, program and service delivery, and/or corporate support areas.

Specialist roles

The department offers positions in a number of specialist pathways including: 

  • Data
  • Finance 
  • Communication

Specialist pathways give graduates the opportunity to work in areas relevant to their qualifications and career of choice. It also includes learning and development opportunities specific to their specialist area.

Data specialist roles

To be eligible, you must have a relevant qualification in Data Science, Statistics, Computer Science, Mathematics, Actuarial Studies, Physics, Engineering, Economics, Econometrics. Additionally qualifications in Psychology, Bio-Medicine, Social Sciences and other science fields that have a data major will also be eligible.

As a Data graduate, your work may involve:

  • Undertaking research and analysis supporting key reports and presentations.
  • Analysing data such as testing hypothesis, longitudinal studies, root cause analysis and trend analysis.
  • Performing data maintenance and monitoring activities to ensure the ongoing high quality of data.
  • Presenting data using pivot tables and compiling data for reports (including ability to read and understand).
  • Providing advice and evidence-based recommendations to policy, program, and corporate business areas.
  • Translating complex technical information into meaningful advice to policy areas.

Finance specialist roles

To be eligible, you must have a relevant Finance degree such as Accounting, Commerce, Economics or Finance.

Our finance graduates help deliver high quality strategic financial advice and services that support the department’s mission. You will have real responsibility from the start including:

  • Preparing budgets and costings
  • Interpreting accounting standards, financial analysis and reporting
  • Account reconciliation and reporting
  • Preparing the department’s soft close and annual financial statements
  • Writing briefs, including senate estimates and updates to internal policies and guidelines
  • Maintaining and enhancing system and data frameworks.

Communication specialist roles

To be eligible, you must have a relevant Public Affairs or Communication degree such as Communication, Journalism, Marketing, Media Studies, Web design or Public Relations.

As a Communication graduate, your work may involve:

  • Developing communication and media products including strategies, media releases, media responses, speeches, news articles, blogs and opinion editorials
  • Developing and evaluating government advertising campaigns
  • Social media and web management including writing content and publishing
  • Video production and editing
  • Graphic design.

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