Organisational Structure

DSS Executive

Secretary – Kathryn Campbell

Executives reporting to the Secretary

  • Acting Deputy Secretary – Matt Flavel, Social Security
  • Deputy Secretary – Liz Hefren-Webb, Families and Communities
  • Acting Chief Operating Officer – Emily Canning
  • Deputy Secretary – Catherine Rule, Disability and Carers

Executive Areas of Responsibility

Social Security – Matt Flavel, Acting Deputy Secretary

Participation and Family Payments – Mary McLarty, Acting Group Manager

  • Participation and Supplementary Payments – Paul Locke, Acting Branch Manager
  • Study and Compliance – Lydia Ross, Acting Branch Manager
  • Families and Payment Support – Nerida Hunter, Branch Manager
  • COVID-19 Taskforce – Kath Paton, Branch Manager

Pensions, Housing and Homelessness – Troy Sloan, Group Manager

  • Older Australians – Caitlin Delaney, Branch Manager
  • Carer and Disability Payments – Andrew Seebach, Branch Manager
  • Housing and Homelessness Policy – Sidesh Naikar, Branch Manager
  • Housing and Homelessness Program Delivery – Lisa La Rance, Branch Manager

Data and Evaluation – Rob Stedman, Acting Group Manager

  • Policy Analysis and Reporting – Jen Mackay, Acting Branch Manager
  • Data Strategy and Development – David Dennis, Branch Manager
  • Data Exchange – Nerissa Stewart, Acting Branch Manager

Families and Communities – Liz Hefren-Webb, Deputy Secretary

Redress – Emma Kate McGuirk, Group Manager

  • Policy Strategy and Design – Sharon Stuart, Branch Manager
  • Service Planning and Support – Selena Pattrick , Branch Manager
  • External Engagement and Communications – John Riley, Branch Manager
  • Service Delivery – Tracy Creech, Branch Manager

Communities – Teena Blewitt, Group Manager

  • Community Cohesion – Sarah Guise, Branch Manager
  • Grant Management Office – James Steen, Acting Branch Manager
  • Financial Wellbeing – Libby Cremen, Acting Branch Manager
  • Welfare Quarantining – Ben Peoples, Acting Branch Manager

Families – Brenton Philp, Group Manager

  • Family Policy – Lisha Jackman, Branch Manager
  • Family Safety – Greta Doherty, Branch Manager
  • Children’s Policy – Tim Crosier, Branch Manager

Community Grants Hub – Mark le Dieu, Group Manager

  • Hub Operations – Catherine Nelson, Acting Branch Manager
  • Client Operations – Jodi Cassar, Branch Manager (as at 16 November 2020)
  • Health Grants – Warren Pearson, Branch Manager
  • Central and Southern Region – Evan Trevor-Jones, Acting Branch Manager
  • Northern and Western Region – Christian Callisen, Branch Manager

Acting Chief Operating Officer – Emily Canning

Corporate – Richard Baumgart, Acting Group Manager

  • Communication Services – Melissa Evans, Branch Manager
  • People Services – Katrina Jocumsen, Branch Manager
  • Property and Security – Chris Mitchell, Branch Manager
  • Audit and Assurance – Jennie Armstrong, Branch Manager

Portfolio Coordination – Bruce Taloni, Group Manager

  • Portfolio Governance – Kristen Owen, Acting Branch Manager
  • Government and Executive Services – Catherine Reid, Branch Manager
  • Legal Services – Paul Menzies–McVey, Chief Counsel and Branch Manager

Finance – Andrew Harvey, Chief Finance Officer and Group Manager

  • Budget Development – Ross Schafer, Branch Manager
  • Financial Services – Vanessa Berry, Branch Manager
  • Financial Management – Cheryl–Anne Navarro, Branch Manager

Disability and Carers – Catherine Rule, Deputy Secretary

Market Capability – Luke Mansfield, Group Manager

  • Market Development – Thomas Abhayaratna, Branch Manager
  • Market Quality – Valerie Spencer, Branch Manager

Participants and Performance – Peter Broadhead, Group Manager

  • Participant Outcomes – Sarah Hawke, Branch Manager
  • NDIS Finance and Performance – Emily Hurley, Branch Manager
  • NDIS Governance – Julie Yeend, Branch Manager

Disability, Employment and Carers – George Sotiropoulos, Group Manager

  • Advocacy and Inclusion – Anita Davis, Branch Manager
  • Disability Employment Services – Tarja Saastamoinen, Branch Manager
  • Disability and Carer Reform – Mitchell Cole, Branch Manager

Commonwealth/State Policy – Flora Carapellucci, Group Manager

  • Mainstream Policy – Chris D’Souza, Branch Manager
  • Mainstream Interface – Katrina Chatham, Branch Manager
  • Disability Policy – Stephen Moger, Branch Manager
  • Information, Linkages and Capacity Building – Karen Pickering, Branch Manager

The Department of Social Services Portfolio Bodies and Statutory Office Holders

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