Be Connected – improving digital literacy for older Australians

Be Connected is an Australian Government initiative aimed at increasing the confidence, skills and online safety of older Australians in using digital technology.

Be Connected adopts a family and community centered approach to target those aged 50 years and over, who have minimal or no engagement with digital technology.

Be Connected launched on 3 October 2017, and is delivering a range of resources specifically designed to support these Australians.

Resources include:

  • A dedicated Be Connected website with information and interactive training tools and resources for older Australians, their families and peers, and local community organisations.
  • Free access to personalised face-to-face help and support through the Be Connected Network – a large group of community organisations located across Australia such as libraries, neighbourhood centres, community clubs, retirement villages and services supporting older Australians.

Through Be Connected, older Australians are able to learn the basics of how to connect online, including how to:

  • use a digital device
  • be safe online
  • send emails
  • use Facebook and other social media
  • shop online
  • share holiday photos with family, and much more.

Organisations interested in in delivering these services and becoming part of the Be Connected Network should contact the Be Connected National Network Manager, Good Things Foundation.

Be Connected builds on and replaces the Broadband for Seniors (BFS) program

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