National Centre for Place-Based Collaboration (Nexus Centre)

The Australian Government has allocated funding to engage a suitably qualified and experienced ‘Foundation Partner’ to undertake functions that will inform the establishment of a National Centre for Place-Based Collaboration (Nexus Centre).

The Nexus Centre is intended to support existing and emerging place-based initiatives around Australia, with a focus on Commonwealth programs and initiatives first, and a plan for scaling up its support over time in a sustainable way.

What is place-based collaboration?

A unique feature of collaborative, place-based approaches is the shared commitment to a local strategy by communities, governments, service providers and investors, with shared accountability for planning, decision making and results.

Place-based approaches generally include the following:

  • Driving cross-sector collaboration to integrate and address fragmented service delivery and supports in pursuit of long-term outcomes;
  • Moving accountability, decision-making, funding and service delivery to the local level, to facilitate strategically targeted solutions tailored to community needs;
  • Building community capacity to implement place-based reforms and use relevant facilities, services and networks to support improved community outcomes;
  • The use of collaborative and interactive ways of working, including promoting community engagement and participation for citizens;
  • An emphasis on localised flexible service delivery and funding models, rather than  traditional government funded programs; and
  • a commitment to apply localised efforts with a long-term vision to support community change.

Nexus Centre Grant Process

The Department of Social Services (the department) is seeking to engage a foundation partner over a two-year period to progress the establishment and early phase work of a Nexus Centre. The foundation partner could be a single entity or a consortium with relevant expertise.

Funding will be available to 30 June 2024 to fund the foundation partner to host the first phase of work to build the foundations for a Nexus Centre and to deliver some key pieces of infrastructure that will inform the implementation of a fully operational Nexus Centre.

For more information on the grant process, please visit GrantConnect.

Stakeholder Consultation

The department has undertaken initial consultations with philanthropic experts, Commonwealth, state and territory governments as well as communities to inform the scope, functions, and governance arrangements of the Nexus Centre.

A discussion paper has been developed based on these stakeholder consultations, outlining the broad requirements the department will use to engage a foundation partner to establish the foundations for a Nexus Centre.

On 15 February 2022, the discussion paper was considered by the Stronger Places, Stronger People National Leadership Group (NLG) where it was agreed the NLG would broaden its scope as a governance body to oversee the foundational work for the Centre.

The department extends its appreciation to those who have contributed their expertise, experiences and ideas through this process and also notes that further consultation with key stakeholders on these elements will be undertaken by the successful applicant.

Commonwealth Place-Based Initiatives

Information on a range of Commonwealth Place-Based Initiatives can be found here:

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Regional Deals:

Key Documents

More information

The department will provide future Nexus Centre updates on this webpage.

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