Widow B Pension 

Widow B Pension will cease on 20 March 2020. Recipients will be transferred to Age Pension at the same payment rate.

For further information about Widow B Pension ceasing please see the welfare reform fact sheet.

Purpose of Payment/Benefit

Widow B Pension is for certain older women who have lost the financial support of a male partner, through death, separation or divorce (who do not qualify for parenting payment). In recognition of women's increased labour force participation, no new Widow B Pensions have been granted since 20 March 1997. Instead, people in need may qualify for other income support payments.


While there are no new grants of Widow B Pension, current cases remain eligible unless they fail to meet qualifications or transfer to another payment.

Means Test Qualifications

The Widow B Pension is subject to an income test and an assets test.


Widow B Pension is paid at the single rate of pension, see the Department of Human Services Widow B rates section for current rates.

Further information

For further information about Widow B Pension, please contact the Department of Human Services on 13 2300 or visit the Widow B Pension section of the Department of Human Services website.

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