Reconnect Selection Process – Questions and Answers

Q.1 Are the Reconnect services in NSW and WA just for newly arrived young people?

A.1 No. The two NSW Reconnect services are a combined general Reconnect and Reconnect - Newly Arrived Youth Specialist provider. They will be required to target young people 12-18 years of age (who are homeless or at risk of homelessness) as well as newly arrived young people aged 12-21 years of age (who are homeless or at risk of homelessness) in the identified communities.
The WA Reconnect service is a general Reconnect service targeting young people aged 12-18 years (who are homeless or at risk of homelessness) in the identified communities.

Q.2 Just to clarify the funding is sought for Jan 2010 to June 2011 despite page 1 indicating it is 2009-2011. Is this correct?

A.2 Funding for the NSW Reconnect services is from January 2010 to June 2011 and the funding for the WA Reconnect service is from October/November 2009 to June 2011.

Q.3 With reference to Part 4 Question 16 point 3: (of the Application Form)
‘an income and expense budget, for the financial year for which funding is sought (excluding the funding being applied for in this application)’.
This is unclear - could you please provide more information about what is required?

A.3 Applicants are required to provide an income and expense budget for the financial year for which the funding is being sought (excluding the funding being applied for in this Application). This information assists the department to assess the financial viability of the organisation and may include major line items such as, but not limited to,

  • Staffing & oncosts – including compensation and superannuation
  • Operational costs – associated with direct operation of the service delivery to service users, such as activity expenses, consultants, translators, travel, vehicle leases, etc
  • Administration costs – relating to the administration of the service, such as facilities and utilities, equipment and amenities, property costs, taxes, levies and memberships
  • Income – source and duration

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Q.4 With reference to Part 4 Question 17 f) (of the Application Form) where it states copies of certain documents may be required as part of the verification process, could you please advise if ‘risk management plan’ refers to OHS or other organisational risk?

A.4 The risk management plan for the organisation refers to all risk the organisation faces. OH&S risk would be included under the broader plan and may also affect the delivery of programs. For example if an OH&S issue forced the organisation to close an outlet for a time then it would affect the delivery of our program. Other risks such as a lack of back up for expert personnel could also be an issue. What we want to know is that the organisation has a risk management plan in place to deal with these issues so we can be assured that they are capable of delivering successfully.

Q.5 Will you be setting up a questions section?

A.5 Yes, there will be a question and answers facility on the Reconnect selection process available online. Answers to questions received during the Application Period will be posted on the FaHCSIA Funding website on the Friday of every week during the Application Period.

Q.6 I spoke to someone yesterday who said that the sites in NSW were a combination of mainstream services and services for newly arrived youth. I was also told that the WA site was for mainstream services only. Could you please confirm that this is accurate as all of the application and guideline materials reads specific to the newly arrived youth specialist funding.

A.6 See Q.1


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Q.7 Is the funding available in response to increased demand for these services?

A.7 No, there were services covering these areas. The department wanted to improve the proportional distribution across jurisdictions, remove overlaps and simplify service delivery for young people and their families. There was an existing demand for Reconnect in these communities.

Q.8 On the application form for 2009-2011 Reconnect, there is no requirement for a budget - I am wondering if I missed something.

A.8 There is no requirement for a specific budget detailing how your organisation proposes to expend the funding provided. Part 4 of the Application Form: Financial Viability and Governance, requires that certain specified financial statements are attached to an application. Please also refer to A.3

Q.9 Is there an expected staffing number with the funds allocated to the Parramatta, Auburn, Bankstown area.

A.9 No, the Department does not prescribe how many workers are employed by a service. The provider is required to implement a service delivery model that achieves outcomes under the funding agreement.

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Q.10 Are there any support materials to help us write this grant, as even though we are not new to the programs aims and objective we are fairly new to grant writing and submissions so any assistance would be much appreciated.

A.10 The requirements of an application are outlined in the Application Pack. Some information on grant applications you may find useful is available at Funding to support community-based projects. All applications must comply with the Application Guidelines.

Q.11 Just wishing to confirm that the above funding is specifically targeting new arrivals to Australia within the last 5 years and cannot include indigenous! Is that correct?

A.11 No, the funding is not specifically targeting new arrivals to Australia. See Q.1. General Reconnect services are required to provide a service to all homeless or at risk of homelessness young people aged 12 to 18 years in the identified community. This will include young Indigenous people. Reconnect - Newly Arrived Youth Specialists are funded to work only with newly arrived young people. FaHCSIA does fund Reconnect - Indigenous Specialists but these advertised positions are not Indigenous Specialists.

Q.12 I am currently developing an application and I would appreciate a direct contact number for any queries that I have in relation to the application.

A.12 A question and answers facility for the Reconnect selection process is available online. Questions may be sent to the Answers to questions received during the Application Period will be posted on the Funding section of the FaHCSIA web site on the Friday of every week during the Application Period. For support with the application, please see Q.10.

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Q.13 Could you tell me if FaHCSIA are seeking to target CaLD specific with this one, (WA) or possibly even set up a NAYS... or whether this is more of a general Reconnect service strategy?

A.13 The Albany WA Reconnect will be a general Reconnect service. It will target all young people aged 12 to 18 who are homeless or at risk of homelessness in the identified community.

Q.14 Does the supporting documentation (ie up to 5pgs) include audited financial statements, reports, business plans etc or are they apart from these and supporting the executive summary and statement of claims (ie Criteria 1-3)?

A.14 No, the supporting documentation does not include the audited financial statements, reports, business plans etc. The supporting documentation (up to 5 pages) is other documentation that you would like to provide to support your application. For example, this may include references, testimonials or examples/case studies of your previous experiences relevant to the advertised positions.

Q. 15 I wonder whether FAHCSIA would be willing to accept one tender encompassing the 5 LGA's in Sydney? Or is it necessary to prepare two tenders ie: one for Liverpool and Fairfield and another for Auburn, Bankstown and Parramatta?

A. 15 As outlined in the Application Guidelines, page 3 - Important Information, if applying for more than one of the locations you must complete a separate application form for each location.

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Q. 16 Are the funding amounts advertised for the RECONNECT TENDER, GST exclusive or GST inclusive?

A. 16 All funding amounts are GST exclusive.

Q. 17 The tenders need to be lodged by 2pm on 17th Sept. Does that mean that they need to be received by then, or if they are post marked before that time and date, and received after that date that they will be accepted?

A. 17 Applications close at 2pm AEST on Thursday 17 September 2009. Postal applications post-marked after this date will not be included in the assessment process. Inability to meet the deadline due to exceptional circumstances is addressed at section 4.2 of the Application Guidelines. A courier is an option you may wish to consider to ensure your application is received on time.

Q. 18 Can you please clarify the definition of consortium? Does the term only apply to subcontracting arrangements, or other sorts of arrangements, such as partnerships and outreach models?

A. 18 In the context of the Reconnect tender, a consortium refers to an association of two or more agencies/organisations with the objective of a cooperative arrangement or partnership to provide the Reconnect service in the identified communities. A consortium may also pool their resources to achieve the outcomes of Reconnect. FaHCSIA will only enter into a funding arrangement with the lead organisation of any consortium.  A consortium is different to subcontracting. FaHCSIA must give approval before any subcontracting can commence.


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