Approved institutions and courses for student payments

The Department of Social Services conducts a process twice a year to assess applications submitted by higher education providers to approve their Masters by coursework programs for student payments.

Education institutions and courses approved for the purpose of student payment eligibility are listed in the Student Assistance (Education Institutions and Courses) Determination 2019 (the Determination).

Applications for semester 2 of the 2024 academic year will open from Monday 19 February 2024 and will close at 11.59pm (AEST) on Friday 15 March 2024. Educational institutions should direct enquiries about Masters by coursework approval for student payments to Students with questions about eligible Masters courses should contact their higher education provider.

Higher education providers are responsible for submitting Masters by coursework programs for assessment. Students are unable to submit courses for assessment.

It is important that courses are recorded correctly on the Determination so prospective students can make informed decisions and have certainty about what courses attract government support when considering undertaking study at a Masters level.

The Department of Social Services assesses applications against criteria set out in the Guidelines for approval of Masters courses for student payments. Eligible Masters courses are submitted to the Minister for Social Services for approval.

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