What happens when a person starts income management?

A Centrelink officer will contact the person, normally in writing, to let them know they will be participating in income management, and which measure will apply to them.

The officer will then arrange for the person to have an income management allocation interview.

At the interview:

  • the Centrelink officer will provide information about income management and how it can help the person budget their money
  • together, they will work out the person’s expenses such as food, clothing, rent and other priority needs, and discuss how the income managed funds can be allocated.

Interpreters are available for Centrelink customers, and people on income management can ask to have an interpreter attend their allocation interview with them, and any further meetings that may be needed.

How are funds allocated?

It’s important to note that the individual will make the decision about how much of their money is allocated to each expense. Centrelink will organise the payments.

  • For most people, rent is the first expense to be allocated. Centrelink can make rent payments on the person’s behalf from their income managed funds.
  • Other regular expenses might include power bills, rates and school expenses. Centrelink can send money to the nominated accounts as requested.
  • A person can also allocate an amount to their BasicsCard for food and other items to use at approved stores.

What other services are available to support a person?

For people on income management, there are a range of other services designed to help them manage their money and gain control of their lives, for the benefit of themselves and their children.

Support services to help people develop financial literacy and better manage the family budget are available to help families on income management get their lives back on track. These services are provided through Australian Government funded Financial Management Program services.

Services available through the Communities for Children and Intensive Family Support Services programs can help families to improve parenting skills and link them to early childhood services. Communities for Children services that support parents and their children include playgroups, parenting education classes, mentoring and support groups, and early learning programs.

More information

For more information:

  • go to humanservices.gov.au
  • talk to your local Centrelink Income Management Contact Officer
  • call the Income Management Line (for customers only) on 1800 132 594.

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