Using income management funds

People can access their income management funds in a number of ways.

The BasicsCard

The BasicsCard is a PIN-protected card that operates on the EFTPOS network. It is offered by Centrelink to people on income management. It is not compulsory for income managed clients to have a BasicsCard, it is just one option for spending income managed funds. The BasicsCard helps people easily and securely access priority goods and services with their income managed funds.

Centrelink assesses whether businesses can participate in the BasicsCard Scheme.

Payments direct to businesses

Centrelink is able to make payments direct to a business through an agreement between the business and Centrelink (Schedule 4 or Schedule 5 contract). This enables people to use their income managed funds for services such as utilities and rent, or to direct funds to businesses that do not accept the BasicsCard, such as stores that do not use EFTPOS. 

A Schedule 4 Income Management Deduction Agreement is a contract between an approved service provider and Centrelink. It enables Centrelink to make payments on behalf of people on income management to service providers where the person has an ongoing relationship, such as housing authorities or child care providers.

A Schedule 5 Income Management Deduction Agreement is a contract between an approved business and Centrelink which enables a business to receive and hold funds in an account for an income managed person. These funds can be used by the income managed person to shop at the store.

Centrelink is also able to make payments directly to non-approved businesses with a one-off transaction on request.

More information

For more information:

  • go to
  • talk to your local Centrelink Income Management Contact Officer
  • call the Income Management Line (for customers only) on 1800 132 594.


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