Succession planning for carers: Report on consultations



Author:  N-Carta Group

"When it comes to succession planning for our son, the only certainty we have at present is the fact we are going to grow old and in our declining years our son is going to become more and more vulnerable."

The Australian Government's Discussion Paper on Succession Planning for Carers and its request for submissions and information from families and organisations on issues to help plan for the future care and support needs of a person with disability, clearly struck a chord with ageing carers, family members and services. The responses demonstrated that this is a complex and challenging issue for families, the people they care for, service providers and governments; and one that is becoming increasingly urgent to address.

More than 100 submissions were received from families (59) and organisations (58) in response to the Discussion Paper. Consultations were also held in each capital city. Whilst each approach produced slightly different information; the results of both have been compiled into one report. The key cross-cutting themes from each of the approaches are presented in this summary and more detail is provided in the body of the report.

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