Supported Accommodation Innovation Fund (SAIF) (Applications Closed)

  • How much?

    $60 million has been committed over three years to build up to 150 new supported accommodation places for people with disability.  
  • Apply when?

    from 5/09/2011  to 20/01/2012 
  • Who to contact?

      Ph: n/a  Email n/a 

Short Description: Supported accommodation for people with disability. 

Supplementary Note:

Applications for the Supported Accommodation Innovation Fund have closed. Accordingly, the Department is unable to respond to any questions during the assessment period for probity reasons.

Program Guidelines Documentation

The following is an outline of the components of the Program Guidelines and the purpose of each. In addition to this FaHCSIA has produced a paper outlining changes to the final Part C of the Program Guidelines as a result of the exposure draft period. 

Part A: Services for People with Disability Program Guidelines

Part A - provides an overview of the Services for People with Disability Program, of which SAIF is an Activity.

Part B: Information for Applicants

Part B - provides details on the standard conditions and procedures involved in selection processes conducted by the Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs. Part B is a standardised FaHCSIA document.

Part C: Application Information for the Supported Accommodation Innovation Fund (SAIF)

Part C -  PDF [174Kb]RTF [1.4MB] provides the critical information for applicants applying for SAIF funding. It stipulates the selection criteria and other conditions specific to the selection process for SAIF.

Changes to Part C of the Program Guidelines

An exposure draft of the Program Guidelines Part C for SAIF was released on 24 June 2011 and stakeholders were invited to submit feedback on the draft.  The following paper provides a guide for applicants and stakeholders to the changes that were made to the Program Guidelines as a result of comments and feedback received -  PDF [43Kb]RTF [125kB]

State and Territory Contacts

State and territory contact points are available on the SAIF Govspace website (site now archived).

Application Forms and Application Guidelines

Applicants are advised to read the Program Guidelines prior to completing an application.  This section contains application forms as well as guidelines to assist with completing these forms. Applicants must complete both the Excel and Word (text) Application Forms.

  • Excel Application Form - XLS [58Kb]
  • Application Form (for text responses) -  Doc [44kB] |
  • Application Guidelines – applicants are strongly advised to read these guidelines and refer to them when completing both application forms -  PDF [148Kb]RTF [668kB]

Completed applications are to be submitted to by 2pm (AEST – Queensland time) on 20 January 2012. (Applications Closed)

For more information about the initiative and how to apply for funding, or to ask a question about applying, please see the SAIF website (site now archived).

If you experience technical problems when completing or submitting an application, please contact FaHCSIA for assistance through the SAIF Helpdesk at  Please ensure you include a return email address and/or contact phone number so that we can respond to your query directly.

About SAIF

The Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs (FaHCSIA) is administering the Supported Accommodation Innovation Fund (SAIF). SAIF provides $60 million in funding over three years to build up to 150 innovative, community-based supported accommodation and respite places for people with disability.

Projects could include renovations to existing homes, pooled resources to build contemporary accommodation services close to community and health services, or the modification of established buildings. A number of different types of organisations will be eligible to apply.

Applicants will need to be able to demonstrate that they have secured funding to meet ongoing support costs to sustain the supported accommodation either from a state or territory government or from alternative funding sources such as philanthropy. A single contact point for each state and territory is provided for applicants to seek advice on ongoing support funding.

FaHCSIA's preferred model of service delivery is for accommodation and support services to be separated (i.e. provided by two different organisations). This model aims to allow individuals to experience housing and support provided separately rather than by a single provider which may have been the only option previously available. However, this preference does not preclude a sole provider delivering both housing and support services if they have developed an innovative model for doing so.

SAIF is an Activity of the Services for People with Disability Program.

For more information or to ask questions about the initiative, please visit the SAIF website.

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