Research and Evaluation

Good Practice Guidelines

There are a lot of services available. Some are supported by evidence, while others are still being researched.

The HCWA Guidelines for Good Practice gives families advice on which interventions work best for children with ASD.

Eligible Interventions

Policy decisions relating to HCWA Early Intervention funding are based on Roberts J.M.A and Prior M (2006) A review of the research to identify the most effective models of practice in early intervention for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, the Early Intervention for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder: Guidelines for Best Practice published by Prior and Roberts (2006) and updated A review of the research to identify the most effective models of practice in early intervention of children with autism spectrum disorders by Prior, M., Roberts, J. M.A., Rodger, S., Williams, K.& Sutherland, R.(2011). The Executive Summary and full report of the 2011 Review are available below.

Based on the 2011 Review, an Early Interventions Table with a list of eligible and ineligible interventions has been developed. The document is not exhaustive and will be updated as additional information and research becomes available. Questions about the Table and eligible interventions can be directed to the Early Intervention Helpdesk on 1800 778 581 or email

Evaluations of the HCWA Package

The ARTD evaluation of the HCWA package found it has had a positive impact on children with autism and their families by increasing access to early intervention services, and supporting families to better understand autism and the services available to them.

The evaluation also recommended changes to improve outcomes for children with autism and their families.

In response, the Australian Government modified the package in a number of ways, including changing operational guidelines and improving communication between stakeholders.

A summary of the Evaluation recommendations, the Government response and existing and proposed actions is also available.

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