National Disability Conference Initiative

Funding under the Initiative

An allocation of funds is provided each year to support national disability conferences held within Australia.

The funding is provided to eligible conference organisers in Australia to enable them to support the inclusion of people with disability at national disability-focused conferences. These funds are provided to conference organisers to:

  • assist people with disability with the costs of attending conferences (for example, conference fees, accommodation, travel for domestic participants)
  • assist family members or carers providing support to a person with disability attending a conference (for example with costs associated with conference fees, accommodation, travel for domestic participants)
  • facilitate access so people with disability can participate in conferences (for example, by funding accessible materials, Auslan interpreters, assistive computer devices or software, aids or appliances or other costs of ensuring venue accessibility).

Information for the 2018-19 round is available on the Community Grants Hub website.

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