Application process - step by step guide for case workers

There are now two steps in the TILA application process.

Step 1. Assessment

  • Discuss the transition to independence plan.
  • Assess whether the young person is eligible and if TILA is applicable.
  • If the young person is eligible, complete and both parties sign, the TILA Application Form and retain the form for your organisation's records.

To endorse an application for TILA, as a case worker, you must be satisfied that:

  • the young person meets all of the eligibility criteria outlined in the Guidelines
  • the young person has not already accessed their full TILA entitlement
  • the proposed amount, use of, and timing of the TILA funds are appropriate.

You must also verify the young person’s eligibility by sighting the following documentation that confirms the young person is:

  • an Australian citizen by either birth or has been granted Australian citizenship (e.g. birth certificate, citizenship certificate)
  • aged from 15 to 25 at the time of submitting application (e.g. birth certificate or driver’s licence)
  • has been in, or is currently in, formal care as described in the eligibility criteria
  • has a transition to independence plan

The case worker must explain the privacy notification to the young person as outlined in Section 3 of the Guidelines.

Step 2. Claim lodgement

  • Complete and submit an electronic claim for the TILA payment via the UGG. Instructions for registering for UGG access can be found at Appendix 3 of the Operational Guidelines.
  • You must verify the young person’s eligibility by confirming in the UGG application that you have sighted the young person’s identification and citizenship documents.

Note: A case worker must support the young person in transition planning. Administration staff may complete step 2.

Once the claim is submitted via the UGG, Department of Human Services (DHS) will:

  • match the young person to their existing DHS record, or, if no record exists, please contact DHS at to facilitate the creation of a new DHS record
  • check whether the young person has already been paid $1,500 of TILA
  • check whether issuing the approved amount of TILA in the claim will exceed the TILA limit of $1,500.


  • If the amount claimed will exceed their TILA limit, DHS will issue payment of the remaining balance.
  • TILA payments are electronically transferred to the organisation’s bank account using the details provided at the time of registering for UGG access.
  • If DHS is unable to match the young person to an existing DHS customer record, staff from DHS will contact the case worker for further information to assist them to make a match or to create a new customer record.
  • Receipts are not required to be submitted to the Australian Government. The case worker supporting the young person is to monitor the use of TILA funds and maintain appropriate records.
  • Once the application has been processed, DHS will issue a payment advice letter to the young person’s address provided and email the organisation’s online mail box within the UGG.
  • Please allow up to 5 working days for the application to be processed and longer for a response letter to reach the nominated mailing address.

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