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The resources on this page have been provided to support Reconnect service providers to deliver the Reconnect program and meet the requirements of their grant agreements.

Reconnect resources

Operational Guidelines

The Reconnect Operational Guidelines 2023-2026 provide the operational framework for Reconnect service providers in the implementation and administration of Reconnect.

Activity Work Plans and Reports

Organisations funded to deliver Reconnect services are required to submit Activity Work Plans (AWP) and AWP reports.

The AWP outlines activities and deliverables grant recipients will complete over a period of time to meet obligations in their Reconnect grant agreements. The AWP Report details an organisation’s progress against activities and deliverables in the agreed AWP. The AWP Report also informs and facilitates conversations about service delivery between an organisation and their Funding Arrangement Manager, which is useful to inform future AWPs.

Organisations should complete and submit their AWP and AWP Report to their Funding Arrangement Manager in accordance with obligations outlined in their Reconnect grant agreements.

Critical incident reporting

All Reconnect service providers must notify the Department of critical incidents within 48 hours of incidents occurring or within 48 hours of becoming aware of a critical incident occurring.

To notify the Department, Reconnect service providers must complete the critical incident reporting template and email it to their Funding Arrangement Manager.

Program specific guidance for Commonwealth Agencies in the Data Exchange (DEX)

To be better informed on the effectiveness of Reconnect services, all Reconnect service providers are required to participate in the partnership approach under the Data Exchange.

Program specific guidance provides practical information for managers and front-line staff on the data expected for Reconnect. It also assists in integrating SCORE (Standard Client/Community Outcome Reporting) outcomes data collection into existing service and administrative practices.

Research and publications

Action Research

Action research is a key component of the Reconnect program. For early intervention methods to be effective in Reconnect, all services need to respond to client needs using a reflective and improvement-oriented approach to service delivery. 


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