Reconnect for parents and carers

Reconnect aims to prevent homelessness by intervening early with families and young people to stabilise or improve their housing situation, and improve family/carer relationships.

What Reconnect does do

Reconnect services are based in your community. Reconnect helps around 7,700 young people each year to improve their relationships with their family, stay at school and to participate in their local community.

Reconnect services understand that problems faced by young people are not isolated from other aspects of the young person’s life. Education, family and community participation, and employment are also a consideration.

This allows the Reconnect service to look at the whole person, or family, and develop a plan that tackles more than just the immediate presenting issue and find holistic solutions to address longer-term goals.

What Reconnect does not do

Reconnect is not a crisis youth homelessness service. Reconnect does not replace child protection agencies or provide temporary housing.

Where a young person may be at risk of harm the Police or an ambulance should be called.

Reconnect Good Practice Principles

Reconnect service providers follow eight good practice principles to ensure effective service delivery. Reconnect services are:

  • client-centred
  • accessible
  • sustainable
  • relationship-based
  • collaborative
  • holistic
  • culturally and contextually competent
  • ongoing review and evaluation

Types of interventions and strategies used when working with a young person and their family or carers

Examples of approaches typically used by Reconnect workers include:

  • assessment and goal setting
  • case management
  • referral
  • advocacy
  • counselling (individual and family)
  • mediation
  • group work
  • outreach
  • practical support
  • brokerage
  • therapies (individual and family)
  • collaboration with other services (specialists, community stakeholders and networks)

How Reconnect can work

Read how Reconnect helped a daughter and her mum improve their relationship.

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