Intercountry Adoption and Suicide in Australia: A Scoping Review


Intercountry Adoption and Suicide in Australia: A Scoping Review


Author:  Ryan Gustafsson and Patricia Fronek,¬†August 2021

Intercountry Adoption and Suicide in Australia provides a comprehensive review of the available literature on intercountry adoption and suicide, with specific reference to the Australian context.

The report examines the literature to better understand how suicide and suicide ideation impacts Australian intercountry adoptees. Key findings of the report include:

  • Suicidal behaviours in intercountry adoptees are a complex interplay of vulnerability and resilience, internal, historical and systemic factors.
  • The body of literature on intercountry adoptees and suicide is small, with the majority of studies conducted internationally.
  • Raising community and professional awareness is indicated as a key activity that would improve suicide risk detection and response.
  • Australian research is needed to address a significant knowledge gap.

The report includes six recommendations as options to enhance data, build on the limited research and evidence base, and raise awareness of the complexities and lived-experience of intercountry adoptees and their families.

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